Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thing 23 and Final

I did it!!!!!!!
I learned a lot from this program and maybe we should have classes for some of these web-sites! A couple of them are not so interesting for me, but you never know, maybe one day I will go back and explore them some more! I think that the Library should have an information sheet available with the different web-sites to let patrons know where they can find some of the information they are looking for; for example what we learned in Week # 4.
The only concern I have with all these web-sites - and I see it on my kids who sit too long on the computer, talking with friends on AIM, having face-book and much more - they are losing the human touch and the interaction with others. On the other hand for home bound people it is a great way to stay in touch with the outer world!

Thank you!

Thing # 22

Unfortunately the book I was looking for I didn't find in "Project Gutenburg" - maybe good so because now my son had to read the book! Also I looked for books in the German language - no luck either!
I'm trying to log on NetLibrary - but it really takes a long time on my "old" computer! This maybe a problem for people to go on to!

Thing #21

I already use i-tunes for my i-pod - you can buy music or some music is free! My kids even enjoy TV-shows or Movies - some we need to pay and some are free! I definitely will check out more ""

Thing # 19

I found out that I could work a lot with "Google" - you can find a lot of information and you can work with it; like write a document or make a spreadsheet! I think that the Library could get a use out of "Google" because Patron ask questions about directions to a location and we can find that on google.

Thing 18

Wow, you don't need to have your documents anymore stored in your hard drive and you can access it from every computer. This way - if your laptop gets stolen - your information is not available to the thief!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Thing 17

I found a great picture on and told everyone in the blog how healthy it is to have a dog

Thing # 16

Library 2.0 in 15 minutes is the greates resource going - it so cool because it has everything on one site!